Product & Services Overview

We will work with you to optimize your energy efficiency achieving a 10%-50% reduction on your current utility costs. Realizing a return on investment in under 24-months while reducing your carbon footprint.

Each of our products takes a piece of the energy puzzle and aims to make it as efficient as possible. Before we begin each project we'll conduct a comprehensive audit of your current systems and provide a design plan with potential upgrades.



healthy & energy efficient lighting systems

Our LED solutions have an extensive rated life of up to 140,000 hours. They are low maintenance, energy efficient, create less heat output, and your older lighting systems are easily retrofitted allowing you to realize LED's impressive results.

Our Circadian® lighting systems promote healthy working environments, improve worker performance, reduce energy consumption, and maintenance costs. These are especially effective for facilities that require 24/7 lighting. Night shift employees' performance and overall health can be substantially improved with these cutting edge systems.


Power savings & quality systems

Our systems protect against lightning strikes, surges, and spikes, reduce electric noise, energy consumption, and costs. The bottom line is savings – In hard and soft dollars.

From protecting your sensitive equipment to managing power surges and inductive loads our power quality systems will save on equipment costs, prolong their lifespan, and allow your systems to run more efficiently reducing energy costs. 


In addition to the energy cost savings which is dramatic, our environment has gone through a tremendous positive change. You have my appreciation and satisfaction for the lighting projects replacing and retrofitting on our campus.
— Patrick Lambert - St. Thomas Aquinas College - Director, Facilities & Construction

programmable energy management solutions

Monitor and control every aspect of your lighting, energy consumption, temperature, humidity, and more.


auditing, rebates, and leed certification

Our audit process begins with a comprehensive evaluation with inspections, surveys, and analysis of your facilities current energy flows; appraising your energy use, energy quality, as well as what you pay for that energy.

That audit defines our customized plan to suit your needs. We identify not only what your energy usage will be after installing our systems but also how long before you can expect to see a return on your investment. We typically achieve between a 10% to 50% reduction in energy costs and a return on investment of less than 24-months.

The result of this process also allows us to maximize any entitled energy rebates and LEED certifications.

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